Chasing Deer are energetic performers with an exciting Rock sound, living, performing and writing music full-time in London. With polished, sophisticated melodies and harmonies reminiscent of Bastille, artistic inspiration of Bowie and stagecraft of The Beatles, enjoy listening to Chasing Deer! 

They have covered the UK and Europe in the last two years performing original songs from their first two CDs in over 750 performances and will be releasing a new single every month of 2018.



"Upbeat and catchy, with an infectious drum beat and optimistic lyrics" - NCNR Blog 
"Leaves you wanting to listen again and again..." - Words For Music 
"Earthy, honest lyrics and dreamy harmonies" - ContactUs Magazine 
"Infectiously brilliant" - Rion Magazine 
"Clever arrangements, riotously enjoyable hooks and sharply intelligent delivery..." - Music Crowns 
"Hugely talented and genre-defiant, Chasing Deer's latest release is intriguing and rather special." - BritzNBeatz

    The Origin Story

    People often ask us where we get our band name 'Chasing Deer'?!

    A viral video of 'Fenton' the dog 'Chasing Deer' across Richmond Park in London appeared in 2011 and was the initial inspiration for the band name.

    It received millions of views worldwide and was mentioned again on Channel 4's 'Big Fat Quiz Of The Year' 2011. It was at that point that Rob decided it would be a pretty cool name!

    Here you can see the band name endorsed by comedians David Mitchell and Eddie Izzard! 

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